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Ravenstone Vapor Honing

Vapor Honing in Seattle: A process that changes the game in restoration.

About the owner and the company

About Edward Dose -

After a lengthy attempt at becoming a famous Rock and Roll singer and/or film actor...  

Edward attended both the University of Arizona and Harvard University - Majoring in International Business, with a minor in Computer graphics and Japanese. 

After school he worked at Merrill Lynch as a researcher and then moved into  the Real Estate industry as an agent for Sotheby's International Real Estate in Orlando Florida - heading the Foreclosures and Short Sale division during the economic crash. He also lived in the Salt Lake City area for 8 years working for Sotheby's and Coldwell Banker.  

Deciding to retire after  23 years in the Real Estate industry he moved to the Seattle area to be near his son who is currently attending Seattle University majoring in Sports Medicine.

When Christy, a good friend of 36 years, died of brain cancer, he decided to do something completely different with his life.  

He had heard about Vapor Honing through a Jay Leno video and decided to do more research on it. 

Next thing he knew he was cleaning engine parts.

"I have no idea what half the stuff I work on is. I am by no means an "engine guy", but I love doing this.  I get to work alone, listen to loud music and meet some of the coolest people."

His new goal?  

"To make the people he works with enjoy the rebirth of parts left forgotten, grow his hair long, have fun, and make friends with some truly awesome people. " 

Mission statements – 

Ravenstone Vapor Honing believes that success is shared with everyone. 

The clients: Helping them with a successful rebuild of their dreams.

The other industries:  Helping my clients get in touch with other industries that will help with other needs they may have shares the success with everyone.

Our goal is to not just clean parts for a rebuild, our goal is to make your rebuild better than what you had dreamed was possible.

We take extra care of the clients parts as well as their needs.  

Returning parts with a better than expected result and as quickly as possible.  

Keeping costs down so both clients and Ravenstone Vapor Honing are both happy.

Company policies – 

  • We take care of your parts like we would our own.  
  • We take that extra step or spend the extra time to do a better job. - Just that extra effort is what has made us number one in our industry.
  • We know that what your working on is important to you and that makes them important to us.  
  • We also know that most of the parts we get in are irreplaceable, from some very rare machines and we treat them with the respect and care that you would.

Edward Dose

Edward Dose