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Ravenstone Vapor Honing

Vapor Honing in Seattle: A process that changes the game in restoration.

What our clients say:


"I had searched for anyone doing vapor blasting in WA and fortunately came across one of the Ravenstone ads. Ed did an phenomenal job on my magnesium/aluminum (AS41 alloy) VW Engine cases. They were oil soaked/stained and had white corrosion eating away at the metal. As he started into cleaning them it was like they had been dipped in acid and painted bright silver yet no material had been taken away. I also took a pair of Italian 48 IDAs to get the bodies cleaned up and the difference was amazing. NOTHING BUT RAVE REIEWS FOR THE QUALITY OF THE WORK AND THE RESULTS!!! "  - Keith

"AN ASSET TO THE MOST DISCERNING RESTORATION NEEDS.  Cost effective with a critical eye on quality and time delivery."  - Tim

"Thanks Ed.  A BEAUTIFUL JOB on my Norton 850 engine case."  - John

"I would highly recommend Ravenstone Vapor Honing!!!!   Thank you Ed for making my hubs look better than new!  He EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS.  I will definitely be sending more parts real soon."  - Ryan  from Idaho

"This guys parts cleaning ability is UNMATCHED! Go check him out"  - Ken from West Virginia

"Ed at Ravenstone did an AWESOME JOB on my Sportstercases and covers.  I took them in on Tuesday and was told they would be done by Friday or sooner!  Got a text the next morning and my parts were ready to be picked up.  That's awesome turnaround and GREAT QUALITY WORK!!!  Thanks Ed!"  - Bob

"I had Ed clean all of the paint off of the cases and cylinders of my 1987 Duacti 650 motor.  I was concerned about media getting into the oil galleries so I asked  Ed to mask the interiors of the cases off.  He did AN EXEMPLARY JOB and made the case look brand new without getting media into the interiors.  Ed is conscientious and does an excellent job.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM!"    - Ken from Seattle

"Ravenstone restored some hard to find parts and made them look new! From big aluminum wheels to smaller steel engine parts.  THEY ALL LOOK GREAT!!  Good value and EXCELLENT SERVICE!" - Dave from Seattle

"REALISTICALLY, I COULD HAVE NEVER GOTTEN THIS FINISH WITHOUT RAVENSTONE VAPOR HONING. It's almost a shame to cover the finely executed details that it revealed on the parts. "  - Scott from Lynnwood (1948 Wurlitzer Juke Box)

"Ravenstone is an unusual name for a business, but if you look up the definition: "Is a place of execution" and that's what you get when you take pretty much anything you want cleaned without damage or worpage.  Your parts are clean of rust, oil, or any other contaminats.  They come to you clean and smooth.  Doesn't take long either, depending on the parts and how many you need done.  And they are located in Monroe, Snohomish area.  Give them a call  YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED.  Good work and reasonably priced."  Danny from Seattle

"Ed vapor honed my XKE manifolds and they are STUNNING.  He also restored my BMW R90S pistons and heads.  Ed is a highly skilled craftsman whose work is EXCELLENT. VERY HIGH MARKS!  Same day turnaround and GREAT VALUE.  Many thanks."  Dave from Wenatchee

"While changingout a problematic Vortec 5.7 intake gaskets, I brought the lower intake to Ravenstone for cleaning.  It was fairly loaded with carbon from the days that the engine was running an EGR.  I have a dry blast cabinet in my shop but Ed's Vapor Honing was able to clean the intake FAR BETTER; to the point that IT LOOKED NEW.  I'M VERY SATISFIED AND WILL BE BACK."  

"I’ve done lots of metal prep and polishing – chemicals, buffing wheels, walnut shell blasting, tried soda blasting. I have some aluminum oxide and glass beads for blasting but blasting is messy and buffing is not fun. Patina can be nice but sometimes parts just need to be really polished up. I was happy to bring my heavily corroded 1974 Ducati project parts to Ravenstone Vapor Honing to clean them up. Ravenstone vapor blasted all of the motor parts, the wheels, fork lowers and yokes, a stripped carb, and the swing arm and center stand. The aluminum parts look new.  I COULD NEVER GET THEM TO LOOK THIS GOOD REGARDLESS OF HOW LONG I WORKED ON THEM.  RAVENSTONE'S SERVICE IS MONEY WELL SPENT"  - Jack 

" I found out about vapor blasting while restoring my old Honda, and looked around for anyone locally who performed this service.  I consider myself very lucky to have found Ed at Ravenstone, he took a very gurngy cylinder head and made it look brand new, and took time away from a family event to return my parts in one day!   HIS SKILLS ARE UNPALLELED, AND HIS EFFORTS TO CREATE HAPPY CLIENTS CAN'T BE OVERSTATED. His skills are unparalleled, and his efforts to create happy customers can't be overstated!  Thanks Ed,  I WILL DEFINITELY BE BACK!"  - Eric

"Edward from Ravenstone Vapor Honing did an amazing job on my cylinder and head from my 1968 Yamaha 250.  LOOKS BETTER THAN NEW.  Thank you."  Marcus from Monroe.

"While the technology involved is like no other as a practical matter, no tool is better for than the hand that wields it, and Ed lends a deft hand to the process which makes all the difference." -  Scott

"I've spent countless hours and multitues of diiferent products attempting to clean various parts for automotive projects and nothing comes close to what can be accomplished with Ravenstone Vapor Honing.  Ed is a true craftsman and handles your parts with the utmost  care.  The finished product is perfect with no surface distortion.  I WILL DEFINITELY BE SENDING MORE PARTS HIS WAY!

- Ettore  from Kirkland

I was refered to Ed after seeing his work at a local VW Bug shop.  Ed was very personable and accomodating for my schedule.  He cleaned the case inside and out and a few more parts.  THE RESULTS ARE AMAZING !  Very clean throughout.  Very excited to have a clean start for the engine rebuild.  I appreciate Ed's prompt service.  - Rodney

"Parts look amazing.  Way better than sand blasting.  Even had a brand new engine case vapor honed along with a bunch of other items, and EVERYTHING LOOKS INCREDIBLE. Ed provides Fast and Meticulous service.  Definitely coming back for more."  Robert at Bow Wow

"WOW!!  Is the same comment I get from everyone I've shown the parts you've blasted for me.  I'd considered purchasing another sandblaster and soda blaster for my projects, but I don't think I could get the results that you have!  YOU ROCK!!! And the process you're using is utterly amazing.  The only thing wrong with it and you, is that I didn't find you sooner,"  - Keith from Portland 

"Ravenstone turned the job around in less than a week and most of that was in shipping the parts back and forth via UPS.  The cast iron an sheet metal parts literally look new! NO MORE SANDBLASTING FOR THIS SHOP - VAPOR HONING FROM NOW ON!  "  Luke from Lynden, WA

"I found Ravenstone Vapor Honing to be of very high quality and SUPERIOR to sandblasting for my application.  The turn around time on my parts was expedient and pricing fair.  I would recommend them without hesitation."  Mark from Redmond 

"Ed did an incredible job Vapor Honing my 45 fin Buick brake drums.  He busted them out in two hours!!!  THANKS RAVENSTONE !!!!"       Nick Lampert @Rain City Garage. 

More to come...